What effect does the reeds and density have on the quality of the carpet?

What effect does the reeds and density have on the quality of the carpet?

How to recognize carpet reeds ?

 Identifying carpet reeds is not an easy task, but it is possible with a little precision. To determine, first determine a meter of the carpet. If the desired product is 1000 reeds, there must be 1000 rows in one meter. Of course, considering that counting one meter of carpet is not an easy task, you can recognize the reeds of the carpet by counting 10 and 1 cm of the carpet. There should be 100 rows in 10 cm of carpet. In this way, there should be 10 rows in 1 cm of the carpet. By doing this test, you can easily test the authenticity of the purchased product. Obviously, for other products with different reeds, the numbers will change. 

Carpet reeds and density

 Is there a solution to know the density of the carpet by the consumer?

Density refers to the number of knots or rows woven along the length of the carpet. As with the carpet reeds, it is not easy to detect density, but with a little precision it will be possible. Suppose a carpet has a density of 2100. In this case, one meter of this product should have 2100 rows. Also, for 10 and 1 cm of this carpet, there should be 210 and 21 rows, respectively. 

Carpet reeds and density

 What effect do the reeds and density have on the quality of the carpet?

First of all, we must point out that the higher the shoulder of the carpet, the higher its density will be. On the other hand, carpets that have a higher reeds and density are stronger and more durable than other products. 

When the reeds and density of the carpet increases, will its price and weight also increase?

There is a direct correlation between number of reeds and density with price. In fact, the higher the reeds and density, the higher the price of the product will be. But this does not apply to weight. For example, 700 reeds carpets usually weigh between 42 and 43 kg, and 1200 reeds carpets weigh between 36 and 38 kg. Therefore, there is no direct relationship for reeds and density with price. 

If a carpet is smooth and soft, will there be a connection between the reeds and its density with softness?

The softness of the carpet has a lot to do with the material, the type of carpet finishing and the type of yarn, and it has nothing to do with reeds and density. 

final word

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15 June 2024 Carpet knowledge

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