Types of threads used in carpets

Types of threads used in carpets

With the progress of the industry and technology, machine carpets with different technologies, different materials and also with special features are offered to the carpet market. In this article, you will learn about the types of carpet yarns and their characteristics, as well as the different parts of the carpet, the term heat set in machine-made carpet, heat-set acrylic and its advantages, distinguishing acrylic carpet from polyester carpet, the best carpet yarn. 

. Types of woven threads in machine carpet:

 The machine-made carpets available in the carpet market are woven from different yarns. These yarns are divided into two categories, which are:

 Natural carpet fibers:

 This type of fibers are the best type of thread in carpets and are mostly used in handwoven carpets. Natural carpet threads are also divided into two categories: vegetable fibers such as cotton, jute and animal fibers such as wool and silk. Synthetic carpet fibers: As their name suggests, these threads are not natural and are made by petroleum and by humans. Artificial fibers used in carpets are acrylic yarn, nylon yarn, polyester yarn, polypropylene yarn. Needless to say, viscose is also a type of synthetic yarn, but it is recycled and not of very good quality. 

Types of machine carpet fibers In general

, three types of threads are used in the construction of machine-made carpets, which are:

 Khab yarn: 

The yarn that covers the entire surface of the carpet is called Khab yarn. The fibers used in the carpet yarn must have characteristics such as high resistance to being worn and high reversibility. Fluff, silk and wool are used for hand-woven carpets, and acrylic, polyester and polypropylene are used for machine-made carpets. 

Warp thread:

 Chele thread or warp thread is a part of the carpet that creates the strength and resistance of the carpet in the direction of the length of the carpet and is usually made of fibers such as cotton, polyester or a mixture of both. 

Weft thread: 

The weft thread is the same as the holder of the carpet thread and makes the carpet stronger in the 

transverse direction of the carpet. The weft thread is usually made of cotton, jute and polyester. 

Everything about 100% acrylic machine carpet

 Most people have come across words such as (100% acrylic heat set) or the word heat set when buying a machine carpet, and they are looking to know what the heat set thread is in a machine carpet, what is its use, and does it play an important role. It has a carpet structure. In the following, we will get to know the definition of heat-set yarn and the advantages of heat-set acrylic. The thread is a hit Heat set, or more correctly, heat set, is one of the characteristics of the yarns used in machine carpet weaving, during which the inner texture of the carpet fibers is spun and stabilized by heat and steam using the heat set machine in the spinning machines. By this means, heat-set yarn has special characteristics. Heat-set acrylic is also the same, and with the process of heat-set, it has a set of properties, which are explained below to familiarize yourself with the benefits of heat-set acrylic thread. Advantages and benefits of heat-set acrylic Nowadays, most of the machine-made carpets available in the carpet stores are made of heat-hat acrylic because the carpets made of acrylic have a higher quality than other carpets and have features such as: very high resistance to dust, light and Heat, pliability and high pressure, high reversibility, etc., so that acrylic carpets have the ability to withstand a hot iron or pot for 5 minutes without any damage. One of the most important advantages of acrylic carpets is that the acrylic thread becomes lint-free in the heat-set process, and acrylicback carpets are known as lint-free carpets (anti-allergenic carpets). Polyester or acrylic carpet is better According to the above information, the best and highest quality machine-made carpets in the market are carpets that are woven from acrylic. Acrylic carpets are of high quality compared to other carpet fibers (polyester, polypropylene, BCF) due to their characteristics, and the highest carpet quality grade (first grade carpet) is awarded to these carpets. Distinguishing acrylic carpet from polyester and non-acrylic 

1- Acrylic fibers have clear threads and pomegranate seeds, and this feature can be seen by careful observation. 2- Acrylic fibers have high resistance to light and heat and the ability to withstand a hot iron for 5 minutes without any damage. 3- This type of thread has high reversibility (resistance of the carpet against being worn). 4- The price of polyester carpets is lower than acrylic carpets. 5- If we touch the surface of the carpet, the threads should be passed under our hands.  BCF fiber and yarn There are two types of thread and fibers used in machine carpet weaving: staple and continuous (BCF), which stands for Bulk Continuous Filament, and the difference between these two fibers is their length. Partial fibers are woven together in small pieces of 7 to 25 cm to create the final thread for the production and weaving of machine carpets, but bcf yarns are woven together in unlimited lengths. According to the raw fibers for carpet yarn production, one or two types of fibers may be available for weaving and carpet production, for example, polyester fibers are usually supplied as BCF, while wool fibers are not. BCF yarns in the production of machine carpets cause the carpet to be lint-free, and due to the interweaving of the yarns, the carpet has high resistance, and if the BCF yarn is heat set, it becomes very soft and supple.

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