Choose the right rug

Choose the right rug

Carpet gives beauty and appearance to the house and makes other items show themselves well, so its selection is very sensitive, especially since today, compared to the past, we see more variety and a wider range of types. We are carpets.

Determine the desired location before buying a rug

Before you buy a rug, you determine what part of the house you want the rug for; In addition to choosing the desired environment, you should also pay special attention to the carpet features of that place. For example, in addition to beauty and originality, the reception carpet should have high resistance and strength against various external factors, and in front of the bedroom carpet, it can be simple, fancy and in different colors.

Also, kitchen rugs should have high strength, easy washing, preferably dark colors and short lint so that after a while in the busiest part of the house does not wear out and eventually become a place for bacteria to accumulate.

Select the carpet material

Machine-made carpets are produced in different materials such as acrylic, polypropylene and polyester or a combination of them, each of which has its own characteristics.

Acrylic is the best type of carpet in terms of durability and appearance.

Polypropylene has a high colorability and therefore the variety of colors in this type of carpet is high.

Polyester rugs have a high variety of colors and designs and less lint.

To choose the material, we must also pay attention to the environment in which we use the carpet. At this stage, the term "carpet eater" is introduced. The resistance of carpets to traffic varies.

Carpets that have a delicate texture are more suitable for spaces such as the bedroom where there is less traffic.

Thick and durable models can be used for spaces such as living rooms that are considered busy.

When choosing a carpet material, pay attention to its washability. This is especially important for families with small children or pets, or living in large, polluted cities.

Greasy stains are difficult to remove from polyester carpets.

Acrylic carpets are highly washable and do not lose their beauty when exposed to water and sun.

Choose a carpet design

The choice of carpet for the home is made according to the style of decoration.

If you are interested in modern spaces, you should choose modern carpets, which have simpler designs than classic types.

If you like classic or even blended spaces, you can use carpets with a traditional design. These rugs usually have smaller and more crowded patterns that give warmth and vitality to the space.

With a clever design, it is possible to combine classic carpets with modern furniture and appliances and create a different and balanced feeling in the space.

To choose a carpet design, you should also pay attention to the space of the room. Carpets with crowded and small designs are not suitable for small spaces. These designs make the space look crowded and small.

If you have a lot of patterned furniture, you should choose simpler carpets because putting together designs with a lot of details will make the eyes tired.

Choose the size of the carpet

Before buying a rug, the size of the room, the type of layout and the appropriate space for the rug should be determined and designed.

Choose the size of the carpet so that it reaches at least below the first base of the furniture. So that when you sit on the sofa, your feet are on the carpet.

Choose the size of the bedroom rug so that some of it goes under the bed. It is better for the feet to hit the carpet after waking up and getting out of bed, not the hard and cold ground.

Choose a rug for the dining table that is at least 50 to 60 cm larger than the dimensions of the table, so that all the bases of the chair are on the rug when the chair is pulled back.


Choose a rug before buying other home furnishings.

Before buying a rug, find out about its material and features.

When buying a rug, it is better to spend more money so that you do not change its color and shape after a while.

Choose the design of the carpet according to the style of decoration that you like.

Classic rugs can be combined with elements of modern homes.

The best carpet color to harmonize with other components of the house is a neutral color.

Carpets that have a warm color give the environment a warm and cozy feeling.

Warm and lively colors are suitable for the living room and kitchen, and the best carpet color for the bedroom is a soft and light color such as green or beige.

The color of the carpet should match the color of the floor of the rooms.

The carpet should not be too small or too large.

The first bases of the sofas should be on the carpet.

Instead of a large rug, you can use a few small rugs.

Glim and Gabbeh are a good alternative to carpets in some rooms.

The baby room rug should be light and resistant to excessive washing.

Use carpets with less fluff for your child's room.

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