Production stages of machine-made carpets

Production stages of machine-made carpets

Carpet has long been and is a mirror for Iranian art and creativity, and this precious textile has always maintained its position with authority on the wall and under the feet of families. With the advancement of technology and the industrialization of products to supply the goods needed in accordance with the growing population of the world, carpets were also produced industrially and marketed, and this type of production began with the name of machine-made carpets. Machine rug is a term that includes different types of floor coverings depending on the type of yarn used and the type of weaving technology. Sometimes fancy rugs or tufted rugs may also be classified as machine-made rugs. In this talk, we will examine the technology of machine carpet, which is based on the texture of the fabric. In general, in the textile industry, whether in the production of textiles or machine-made carpets, the production chain consists of four main stages, which are: spinning, dyeing, weaving and finishing. A factory whose final product is machine-made carpet or fabric may manage all of these steps itself, or just do the weaving part.

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25 May 2024 about machine made carpets

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Rainbow carpet: Manufacturer of all kinds of machine made carpets including: 1500, 1200, 700 and 320 reeds in various and attractive colors, in standard and customized sizes using the latest weaving machines and the best raw materials according to the national standards of Iran and international standards with more than 10 years of experience in the machine made carpet industry.
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